Drunk man rapes dog (askal) in Cebu City


October 15, 2014- A drunk man allegedly raped a dog of a neighbor.

Cebu, Philippines– According to Mr salvado Sapanta (The owner of the dog). He heared his dog barking like someones hurting the dog. When he go out to check what happening that night, he saw a pair of man’s leg behind the dog, He pointed the flashlight in the dog’s direction but he saw his neighbor was doing sexual acts on his dog. “Nang inilawan ko kung anong nangyayari ba’t kumakahol yung alaga ko, Nakita ko siya. Inilawan ko siya sa mukha pero hindi siya natinag at tinuloy niya pa din ang ginagawa niyang kahalayan sa alaga kong aso” -Mr Zapansa said

The police arrested the drunked man, But Mr Zapanta also said that he will not file any charges against the drunk man, He would just waste time and money if the case reaches the court”- He added The neighborhood of the suspect report that the wife of the suspect split on her husband after heared this embarrassing case of her husband.


Source: Interaksyon5

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