Teenager was critically wounded after accidentally shot himself with gun while trying to take SELFIE


Batangas City- 15 year old boy named Vince was trying to take a selfie last June 18, with one hand holding gun pointed at his chin and the other hand holding a phone.

The incident happened instead of pressing the camera button, He pulled the trigger of the gun 9mm

The bullet of 9mm gun hit vince on his nose and pierced through his head.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital where he spent a months in intensive care unit. He is now confined at the ICU of Batanggas Medical Center.
The family admitted they had yet to pay P200,000 balance during the teenager previous confinement

The teenager discharge on July 17.


Source: https://anc.yahoo.com/news/15-year-old-boy-accidentally-shoots-self-while-taking-selfie-232209362.html

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